2000+ One Word Domains - Exclusive List


One word domains are a unicorn in the Domain Investing space. People like Swetha Yenugula have been raking in more than $100,000 with One Word .xyz domains.

Going just for USD19. Save $80 today!

That's a TLD everybody considered was done. But it isn't. And that's not the end of it.

There are many more TLD's that are becoming more fruitful. As .com is getting more saturated, people have been clamouring for single word domains in TLD's such as

  • .io
  • .dev
  • .ai
  • .net
  • .vc
  • .xyz
  • .co
  • .fyi
  • .live
  • .inc
  • .new

This is a complete list of One Word Domains in these top TLD's that are legitimate English words. They aren't random gibberish or acronyms.

Legitimate English Words + One Word + Multiple TLD's = $$$

Too good to be true? Here are some real selling numbers.

optics.xyz - $19,888

common.xyz - $14,888

unblock.xyz - $7,888

artifacts.xyz - $2995

You wouldn't consider some of these "commercial" domain names, but still they sell well because Domains are a resource that are not renewable.

If you want to build an empire in the domain space right now, you can't compete and buy off from Godaddy auctions which cost you a bomb.

If you want to build a Domain empire now, this is the place to start.

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A list of 2000+ One Word Domains ready to Purchase


2000+ One Word Domains - Exclusive List

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